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CPM Systems is more than just a machine or a cleaning product.  It’s an integrated floor care system designed to meet the needs growing needs of the large area custodial service manager.

 In today’s constantly evolving workplace environment more and more emphasis is being placed on being
“green” from using recycled paper products to more environmentally friendly cleaning products. Here at The Cleaners Depot we are working closely with the Green Leaf Certification Program to ensure that as many cleaning products as possible meet the strict California standards for “green” cleaning while maintaining the highest level of performance in the JanSan Industry.

More and more stress is also being put on the custodial service manager to keep costs down and still maintain a standard of excellence in the appearance and upkeep of floors.

On this site you will find information on the Green Leaf Certification criteria along with product information and
MSDS sheets on the products only available from The Cleaners Depot.

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