The Cleaners Depot hours of operations are from 8:00 AM till 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

We have a full line of products, everything the professional cleaner needs from pre-sprays, odor control, specialty stain removers and more.

Got a question or a challenging stain?  Our staff has over a half century of combined industry experience to assist with even the most difficult jobs.

In addition to carrying the full line of Pro's Choice Products, the Cleaners Depot also carries their own innovative low moisture cleaning solutions.

Encap cleaning products.  CPM is the best cleaner in the industry.

CPM (Clean, Protect, & Maintain)  is an ionic low moisture carpet cleaning concentrate for use on commercial carpets.  One gallon of concentrated CPM will make enough ready to use solution to clean an average of 3200 square feet.

For Rotary Floor Machine dilute 1 quart per 6 gallons of water (1 to 24).   Adjust your concentration based on the condition of the carpet being cleaned.

Apply dilute CPM solution using floor machine with shower feed brush or spray solution on carpet prior to machine agitation.

Always test in inconspicuous area before use for colorfastness.

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Quick Shot cleans carpet and upholstery and leaves no residues to attract soil.

Quick-Shot makes it easy to clean those dirty spots from your fabric seats and carpet.  Quick-Shot  is also great for breaking up soil prior to cleaning with CPM.


1. Thoroughly vacuum area to be cleaned.

2. Spray a light even coat of “Quick-Shot” solution onto soiled area.

3. Using a clean white terry towel wipe away the soil and “Quick-Shot” solution.

4. Allow area to dry before use.

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